Elizabeth Lachlan Pastries
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How far ahead should I order?

You should order early, two weeks or more prior to the date.

Can I sample your cakes?

I no longer offer samples. However, you can order a 6” round cake to get an idea of how our cakes taste.

Can you help me with ideas?

Yes. Creativity is the hallmark of any good cake artist.

How much do your cakes cost?

Cost depends on many factors, the most significant being the design and size. Cakes begin at $2.50 per serving.  A cake to serve 20 people will cost around $50 to $80. Cost may be higher if the cake is sculpted, or has embellishments like fondant bows, edible pearls, gum paste butterflies, etc.

Why do your cakes cost more than the grocery store?

Our cakes are custom-designed and labor intensive. We work with you to create the design, then bake the cake, mix the icing and fillings, and put it all together according to your specifications. Additions such as pearls, bows, and purse clasps are entirely hand-made. This individual attention is what sets us apart.

What sizes and shapes do you make?

Our smallest cake is a 6" round, which serves 6-8. There is no limit on how large a cake can get. Our cakes come in round, square, petal, hexagon, rectangle, and heart shapes. Sculpted cakes are also available.

What is a sculpted cake?

A cake that is cut & shaped to look like a 2-D or 3-D object (fish, poodle, car, phone, frog, monster truck, blow up slide, etc.)

Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery of cakes and cookies is free within The Woodlands. This includes zip codes 77380, 77381, 77382, and portions of 77384 & 77385.  Wrapped Party Favor Cookies are shipped throughout the continental US, via FedEx.

What is rolled fondant and what does it taste like?

It is an icing that is rolled out and draped over the buttercream-iced cake for a smooth finish. Our fondant tastes like marshmallows.

Are those bows and pearls edible?

Yes. The bows are made of either rolled fondant or gum paste, and are entirely edible, although gum paste dries very hard, so you may not want to eat it. The pearls are handmade of rolled fondant and are edible as well. They are soft and chewy.